Mifare Ultralight NFC Stickers
Mifare Ultralight NFC Sticker Pack
Mifare Ultralight NFC Sticker
Mifare Ultralight Sticker Size Comparison

Mifare Ultralight NFC Stickers

Writable Space: 46 Bytes

Cost: $6.25



Our Mifare Ultralight NFC tags come in a 25mm, white sticker.

Product Details:

  • Memory Size: 64 bytes
  • Writable Space: 46 bytes
  • Capabilities: Write, Rewrite, Write Protect (Lock)
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Standard: ISO 14 443 A
  • Physical Size: 25mm

Common Uses:

  • URLs (may require URL shortener, such as goo.gl)
  • Phone Numbers
  • Simple Text


Note: These tags are not recommended for the average consumer, as 46 bytes is not enough space for most operations. Mifare Ultralight NFC tags are perfect for marketing and developers. For more ideas on how to use Mifare Ultralight Stickers, contact us.

Click here to download the NXP Mifare Ultralight Data Sheet




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