NXP NTAG203 NFC Disc Tags with Adhesive Backing

NTAG203 Tags

Writable Space: 144 bytes

Cost: $7.00



Our NTAG203 tags come in a 35mm diameter, white, plastic disc with an adhesive backing. These tags are a universal tag type and compatible with ALL NFC enabled devices. These tags are waterproof (adhesive not guaranteed to be waterproof).

Product Features:

  • Memory Size: 168 bytes
  • Writable Space: 144 bytes
  • Capabilities: Write, Rewrite, Write Protect (Lock)
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Standard: ISO 14 443 A
  • Physical Size: 35mm 
  • Encryption: 3DES Authentication

Common Uses:

  • Enable/Disable/Toggle Phone Settings (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Set Phone to Silent/Vibrate
  • Launch Applications (Pandora, Games, News/Weather, etc.)
  • Social Media (FourSquare Check in, Facebook Check in, Tweets, etc.)
  • Set Alarms
  • Tasker Tasks*
  • Open a Website
  • Simple vCards (no images)
  • Text (Creative way to leave notes/reminders)
  • And More!

*Not all Tasker Tasks will fit on an NTAG203 tag. Most applications will estimate the data size before writing to a tag. Please verify the writable space is large enough before your purchase.

*These tags are not recommended on metal surfaces.

Click here for the NXP Data Sheet




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