NFC Bootcamp | Dec 5-6 NFC

Dec 4, 2012 at 1:33 PM
1 decade ago

NFC Bootcamp will take place in Orange County, California tomorrow and we're getting a lot of last minute NFC tag orders! Buy your NFC tags via or and select Next Day shipping for your tags to arrive by 10AM December 5, 2012. We ship via FedEx Priority Overnight for all Next Day shipping orders. All orders will also be included in our NFC Holiday Sweepstakes with a chance to win a Nexus 7 Android tablet with NFC!

NFC Bootcamp will be December 5-6 in Orange County, California.

"The NFC Bootcamp™ focuses on high quality knowledge transfer from near field communication (NFC) experts about what NFC is, how it is being employed, what are some of the business models and how you can take advantage of the technology in your business. Attendees will learn more about how NFC is being used in real-world scenarios — presented by the people actually creating and implementing campaigns. They will also learn about key players in the NFC ecosystem and best practices from experts in the industry. In addition, this training program includes hands-on demos and training on how to build an NFC campaign. A special feature of the NFC Bootcamp is the NFC Showcase where companies working in the NFC field show how this next-generation technology works." - 

For more information on the December 5, 2012 NFC Bootcamp Conference, click here

NFC Bootcamp | Learn How To Market With NFC

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