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Mar 7, 2013 at 5:52 PM
1 decade ago

I finally got the chance to use Google Wallet for a NFC Payment last night and what can I say, but I loved it! After being a part of the NFC industry for over 2 years, it's nice to finally get a chance to use it for payment in my hometown (Melbourne, FL). From what I can tell so far, 7-Eleven and the Coca-Cola vending machines in the mall are the only ones using payment terminals equipped with NFC in the Space Coast.

Setting Up Google Wallet

First, you will have to install and set up Google Wallet on your NFC enabled device. Currently, there are several phones on the market that are able to use Google Wallet for mobile payment (full list here) - I used my LG Nexus 4. Next, follow the on screen instructions and link your credit/debit card. You can add more than one card, but be sure to select your default card (You will have the option to select a different card each time you open the app, before payment). 

How To Pay With Your Phone

NFC Payment Icon SymbolAfter you've got the app set up and linked your cards, you're ready for your first NFC purchase. First, you'll need to look for the symbol (to the left) at the credit card/payment terminal (if you don't see this symbol, you won't be able to pay with your mobile device). Once you've located the symbol and the cashier is waiting for payment, place your device directly on top of the NFC Payment symbol mentioned above. Leave the device there until the device makes a confirmation sound and the app tells you the payment is complete (1-2 seconds if the device is placed correctly. Make sure you don't move the device while it is in contact with the NFC payment terminal until payment is complete). And that's it! It's as simple as opening an app and tapping your phone to the payment terminal!

For more information about Google Wallet, Click Here.

Pro Tip: Open Google Wallet and fill in your pin before tapping your device at the register. 


Walgreens, CVS and Home Depot also have NFC payment terminals, but not all locations are set up and available for use.

NFC Payments With Google Wallet

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