NFC Tag Starter Kit
Mifare Ultralight NFC Sticker
Mifare Ultralight C NFC Sticker
Mifare Classic 1K NFC Sticker

NFC Starter Kit

15 NFC Tags

Cost: $19.99



The NFC Starter Kit is our Best Selling NFC package. This kit includes 5 of our most popular tag types and is perfect for people that want to experiment with NFC technology.

(5) Mifare UL- 46 bytes
(5) Mifare UL-C - 137 bytes
(5) Mifare 1K - 716 bytes

What's Included:

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Common Uses:

  • Enable/Disable/Toggle Phone Settings (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Set Phone to Silent/Vibrate
  • Launch Applications (Pandora, Games, News/Weather, etc.)
  • Social Media (FourSquare Check in, Facebook Check in, Tweets, etc.)
  • Set Alarms
  • Tasker Tasks*
  • Open a Website
  • Simple vCards (no images)
  • Text (Creative way to leave notes/reminders)
  • And More!

Data Sheets

  • NXP Mifare Ultralight Data Sheet - Download
  • NXP Mifare Ultralight C Data Sheet - Download
  • NXP Mifare Classic 1K Data Sheet - Download




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